Counseling Training course:
Counseling course is conducted at 2 levels.
  • Personalized level
  • Commercial level

Arts, Music & Drama Therapy Workshop:_Level-1_1.0

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Everybody tries to attain and maintain mental health. Now a days, one goes to a psychiatrist or a psychologist if he has psychological problem. But general psychological stresses, up and downs in relationships can be sorted out with the help of training of counseling. Rather basic knowledge of psychology is helpful in all walks of life. This scientific knowledge is necessary to understand oneself, understand others, cope up with stress to decide upon right and wrong.

On a commercial level this courses acts as a complementary qualification. This course includes counseling techniques( micro skills). psychotherapy, etiology of physical disorder. This syllabus is designed in such a way, that people without any formal knowledge of psychology can also attend the course.




  • Psychology proves to be useful to improve one's personal and social life.
  • To act upon the fact that removing flaws in one self can only lead to success, prestige, satisfaction, happiness, healthy relations.
  • To understand a person mostly at a psychological level with roles.
  • To acquire skills to change oneself or the environment to some extent.
  • Concept in psychology can be applied in day to day life in order to make life simple and peaceful.
  • To reach solutions for your own problem
  • Clarity about one's motives and goals is achived.
  • Psychological problems of others around us are seen with greater understanding and can be sorted out in scientific way.
  • Helpful to change the, overall attitude and approach towards life.




Basics of psychology are taught using discussion method, role plays and application based approach. Some cases are solved for better insight. It includes all the theories of personality as well as all forms of psychotherapy. The entire syllabus is designed with an empirical approach.
  Syllabus for both levels is formal still application based. It is taught with practical approach, with introduction to relevant concepts. Individual attention to every participant is provided. Syllabus is designed in such a way that everyone should be able to think. Find solutions on his own.

Reactions of participants


Other details

  • I have started my life with whole new approach.
  • I can sense the maturity achieved in all my relationships.
  • I came to know that psychology is far more than studying mentally ill individuals and also is very interesting.
  • Why certain people behave in a way they do is understood and accepting them becomes easier.
  • My relations with my colleagues have improved.
  • I came to know that small psychological issues should not be ignored.
  • I can diagnose better as a doctor/ social worker/ teacher now.
  • Everyone from our family has started asking me for suggestions and opinions.
  Both these courses are held for adults (18 and above), twice/ thrice in a week for 3 hours.

  • Level I: Introduction to human mind. 2 months period Fees: 5000/-
  • Level II: Counseling Course 4 months period fees 9500/-