Drama Therapy
Everyone amongst us almost always tries to hide hide his/her flaws and faults and shows off only good qualities. The process of accepting one’s flaws , further accepting oneself as is, seems difficult. It is human tendency to find even minute faults in others behavior. While hiding your own flaws consequently, you we tend to ‘put on’ masks, considering it as our true face. While the flaws remain the same beneath the mask, rather increase as time passes.

Removing your mask on your own and accepting yourself is the purpose of this workshop. During the workshop activities that improve alertness and efficiency of all the 5 senses and also the 6th senses (intuition) are included. This workshop is conducted at 2 levels.

Arts, Music & Drama Therapy Workshop: Level-1

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  • To identify flaws in ones subconscious and get rid of them
  • To regain the simplicity of life
  • To begin the journey towards real self
  • To search the answer to 'who am I'
  • Ability to look at oneself only as 'I'/ 'self' without all the bearings
  • Feeling relaxed or free, to some extent.
  • Creativity is triggered
  • It's a start, for solving emotional issues.




Individual activities are emphasized. This workshop includes music, dance, and sculpture.   This workshop is a residential workshop for 2 days. Everyone is helped to go through this process. According to his pace. The psychologist gives him feedback individually and in groups.


Reaction of participants


Other details

  • I did not know who I am
  • Staying with oneself for 2 days made me feel energetic/ lively.
  • For last many days I was looking for the cause behind my restlessness, which I found during this workshop.
  • Now I have got clarity about what my future steps should be.
  • Being free from all the bindings, makes me feel like being a free bird.
  This workshop is conducted in natural environment. Activities are planned in such a way that everyone stays with himself for 2 days. Charges for this workshop is 2500/- (inclusive of all expenses)