Psychology Forum:
All the concepts in psychology are relevant to our day today life. We are confronted with numerous questions while we look at ourselves, relationships, success and failures. Everybody wishes to find answers on his own. When promblems are discussed in forum understanding the concepts in psychology and applying the same to day to day life is the real purpose of this science. Many times a problem is too small to go to a counselor. Sometimes we feel the necessity of brain storming and continuous thinking .This forum covers wider range of topics to be discussed such as emotional conflicts in relationships. Finding answers to fundamental questions in life. Coming out of day to day problems etc. Everybody is welcome in this weekly forum without any admission criteria.




  • Discussion and putting forth topics to find answers to questions faced by everyone.
  • Understanding and application oriented comprehension of concepts in psychology.
  • Learning psychology through problems with solution oriented approach than theoretical learning or visiting counselor.
  • Giving time for thinking about own life, everyday.
  • Discussing and brain storming about particular topic, gives insight into various aspects about the same topic.
  • As this forum works on regular basis one can join forum at any moment.
  • All topics are considered with orientation towards solutions, so it benefits even people with no psychological background.




Emotional management setting up priorities, acting on inferiorities, rational thinking and many such topics are discussed with the help of examples, activities and cases and not just based on theory.   Once a week (pre-decided) at mutually convenient timings will be held at Anvay Health Center. Participants can join on daily basis.