Residential workshop for children:
Children are enriched with loads of curiosity and energy, but they can't use it for their own development and progress. Rather children don't think about their own progress. They either lack the willingness or confidence to prove them in this competitive world. They are motivated for the same, due to activities conducted in the workshop.

This workshop is conducted for the age group between 7 to 15yrs which enables the following development:
  • Self sufficiency
  • Developing team spirit
  • Triggering aesthetic sense
  • Developing leadership qualities

Arts, Music & Drama Therapy Workshop: Level-1_1.2

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  • To give the confidence and everyone can do it
  • To solve (understand) social, emotional, behavioral problems.
  • To understand what progress means for me.
  • Ability to express without inhibitions
  • Due to staying away from home one's confidence to live with peers increases.
  • Discover your intellectual and emotional qualities during the workshop
  • Everyone gets a chance to show his leadership qualities.
  • You get used to be together and being able to adjust with the peers.
The workshop is activity based. The child more or less learns from his own actions during activities. Personal, physical, intellectual, team games are conducted during the workshop. Star gaming, hill climbing, film screening is also included in this workshop.



Reactions of participants:

Residential workshops are held for 3 days. Environment and activities are such that make children feel lively, increase energy levels and get rid of boredom. Intellectual team oriented, personal, indoor and outdoor activities are conducted during the workshop.  
  • It was fun; I would definitely come next time.
  • I will share my experience with my friends
  • I will apply whatever is learnt here, in my studies.

Other details:

Venue of workshop is 30-40km away from Pune. Children are kept busy throughout the workshop. This keeps children energetic and active. Food served during the workshop is homemade. Feedback about every child is given after the workshop. Cost of the workshop ranges from 2000 to 3500/- according to age group.