Reflection is a project carried out for college going students. It's necessary to generate motivation for self development through tremendous energy they have and freedom they get. Whenever we have worked with adolescent (college going students) we have got fabulous response. "It is important to have rational thinking to achieve higher goals of life". Many of them realize or some of them realize during the activities that sometimes young ones are wandering in search of a friend who will guide their path. This project is held at various classes, institutions, colleges and also at Anvay's office. This project triggers the basic instinct of self-exploration and development in youngsters.





  • To make young adult efficient for their chosen career.
  • To help them think rationally about themselves, situations and interpersonal relations.
  • To help them think and concentrate on their goals by ignoring other distractions.
  • To build one's own thinking pattern, without getting influenced by force, pressure or dominance.
  • Youngsters realize their own problems and obstacles in their way and are motivated to resolve them.
  • They come across flaws, deficits in their own attitude towards self and others and start working on them.
  • They start leading life according to self-set goals. Focusing on them.
  • They get a direction to develop their own thinking pattern.