Remedial Teacher's Training Course:
A problematic child can’t learn about things, concepts through immediate observation or experience, like normal children or experience like normal children. Children begin to learn before entering the school consequently they are ready for formaler education by the time they he enters the school. Children with psychological problems (mentally retarded, slow learner, hyper active,autistic, spastic, dyslexia, dyspraxia) can learn some concepts or actions but fail to comprehend most others. Every such child should be taught by considering his/ her capacities or limitations. Some senses amongst the 5 senses are better developed. Using these senses through games, music, dramatics, stories and drawing can be helpful in learning.One concept should be designed in such a way that it fulfills necessities of teaching special children. This center is open for teachers, people interested in teaching special children and people interested in working with children.




  • To train teachers in such a way that they can teach basic concepts with applications to special children.
  • To learn to teach languages, mathematics and environmental science, science through games, music, drawing, activities.
  • To diagnose a child with intellectual or psychological problem and designing syllabus and methodology to study accordingly.
  • To handle behavioral problems of children.
  • Actual activities and games can be used for education (teaching)
  • Psychotherapy methods can also be learnt.
  • As the course is demonstration based, immediate application is possible.
  • It would become easier to find own complementary teaching methods based on child leaning methods.




This course is activity based, in order to reach the level of pre-primary and primary standards. The entire syllabus is translated in Hindi and Marathi.   This course reconciles psychological concepts and syllabus. This course is held twice a week for 2 hrs. This course serves dual purpose of teaching syllabus through activities and dealing with children using psychotherapy.

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    The course is conducted for 2 months. Charges of the course are 5000/-