Self study skills development workshop:
According to students studies literally means doing home work, mugging up, writing answers to questions in various subjects. Syllabus increases suddenly in 7th or 8th std. Further children feel the pressure/ stress of 10th and 12th std. Studying based on fundamental concepts and teaching and learning accordingly are most discussed topics in educational fields.

Parents expect their child to study hard. But children don't know the way of studying hard. That is without mugging up. They can't even study continuously without examination. To deal with all these problems Self Study Skills Development Workshop is conducted. Teaching basic concepts of mathematics, language, science. So sciences and motivating children of 8th -10th std to study is the purpose of this workshop.




  • Implementing studying methods according to every subject.
  • Clarifying basic concepts of every subject
  • Getting clarity about stronger and weaker areas from the syllabus
  • Students are motivated for studying
  • Avoiding the weaker subjects, feeling shy about it, stops.
  • Understanding of studying methods motivates students to study.
  • Goal setting for marks and planning to achieve the goal is taught.




Experts of every subject conduct activities, games, experiments, stories in order to create interest in studies. Self study methods are taught to children using chapters, concepts included in the syllabus.   Workshop is designed in such a way that children are kept busy for 12-15 hours a day. This workshop includes activities, games which are related to teaching self study method, clarifying basic concepts planning for studies. Goal setting for marks mostly games are individually conducted.

Reactions of participants:

  • I haven't studied so much, at a stretch without examination.
  • I didn't know that studying would be so interesting.
  • I learnt many tricks for science, mathematics, which will definitely make my study easier.
  • I know how to study without mugging.
  • Although workshop was related to studies we enjoyed it!