Testing for selection:
(Intelligence, Aptitude and Personality) Every organization needs efficient and appropriate personnel. To recruit an employee appropriate for a job, it's important to use systematic assessment procedure. To recruit efficient employee, it's important to assess core competencies in a candidate. This purpose is served by paper pencil questionnaire test and behavioral/ situational tests administered by psychologists. Aptitude test, IQ testing and personality testing can also be carried out for same purposes. IQ testing gives graphical presentation of IQ and mental abilities which clarify strength and weaknesses in child; it can help the child in his academics and improve performance. Aptitude Testing proves beneficial for students especially 10th and 12th std where they have to choose appropriate stream or major subjects.




  • To recruit appropriate and efficient personnel in organization, firms, institutes.
  • To guide children in academics with the help of IQ and mental abilities score.
  • Help 10th and 12th std students to choose their stream (art, science, commerce, vocational) on the basis of Aptitude Testing.
  • To recruit “person-job fit?”
  • Clinically assess personality deficits.
  • Organization gets efficient and appropriate personnel.
  • Help academically weak children by setting appropriate, moderate goals for them.
  • Help 10th and 12th std students to choose the stream in college.
  • To deal with personality deficits with greater clarity.




Paper pencils inventories are situational tests which are prominently used for psychological testing. Developmental milestones can be plotted on mental abilities.   Psychological tests are administrated either to a group or individually. They are administered by appointment for 1-3 hrs, as per requirement of the test. Interpretation of the test is made on the basis of result.

Reactions of participants:


Other Details:

  • I'm glad to know that my child's IQ is so high.
  • I knew my child had difficulty in his studies, but now I know the reason for it and this would help him to improve.
  • My daughter was confused about what she should do after 10th? Aptitude Test has given her the clarity of what she should do and especially what she should not go for.
  • I was searching an employee for a specific job profile but now I understood that if he is unsuitable for a particular job profile, then he can be used for other profile also.
  Tests are administered in group settings or individually. Timing ranges from 1-3 hrs. Tests can be administered in the office of Anvay or at organization's office. Charges vary from test to test