Training program for soft skills development:
Everyone has to fight to survive between the ages age 18-50 yrs. Everyone tries to feed oneself and his family and conquer new horizons every day. During this journey, many a times he feels restless due to his flaws and limitations which hinder his growth. One has to master his life too, the way he masters his task and work in the field areas of interest. Everyone has to deal with the problem of time management, relationship management, emotional issues, motivating oneself. One has to master himself or herself. One can only help to improve and develop oneself. whether one is a teacher or a parent or  is a policeman etc.




  • To realize that changing oneself can only help to prove and improve. Oneself and achieve mental stability.
  • Changing oneself is a miraculous process.
  • To gain energy and freshness to come out of inferiority, depression, monotony, shrewdness, frustration etc.
  • To get more aware about oneself.
  • One gets physical and mental energy
  • One gets awareness about strength and weaknesses
  • To obtain readiness to accept one’s flaws and deal with them
  • To achieve self awareness.




This course is based on activity and discussion. Individual and group discussion activities that trigger emotional, physical and cognitive process are conducted.   This course emphasizes on games, brain storming, discussion, studying in friendly environment in order to examine one self. Everyone approaches same colleagues, friends with different bearing. Only as a Human Being. Course is conducted for 2-6 hrs.

Reactions of Participants:


Other details:

  • I played, drew pictures after many years.
  • I never knew I could do it.
  • Now I know where exactly I went wrong.
  • It was hard for me to listen to my own flaws, but later I could accept it.
  • I thought it would be a lecture but it was fun, and I could learn many things.
  • We could find many solutions for conflicts amongst our self.
  • Understood the meaning and strength of team work.
  • I could identify the driving force within me.
  This course is conducted for 2 hours for 6 days.