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It's a very long task to groom and teach a special child. There are many organizations working effectively for mentally challenged individuals who work according to their needs. After the practice of 12 years in the field of counseling. We realized that such children and their parents have to face many other problems besides just cure of the disorder. It was observed as a psychotherapist that more efforts were required for their emotional, social and behavioral development. This very thought gave rise to our new project "अब-normal Home". अब-normal home will work as a crèche cum therapy home for these children. Experts from the field of psychology will work daily for 3-4 hrs. with these children. This time is utilized for their emotional, social and behavioral development. A space for development and nurturing other than school is what 'अब-normal home' is.

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  • Mentally challenged children should develop emotionally, socially and their behavior should be improved.
  • Their parents should be able to meet their prioritiesof work or personal life, at least for few hours daily.
  • To provide a space to such children which comprises of development, joy, love, nurturing satisfaction and relaxation.
  • To resolve social and behavioral problems using psychotherapy.
  • The prime importance is given to emotional, social and behavioral aspect which will help the child to mix up in the society.
  • Parents will get time for their professional and personal life.
  • Child will get an additional social circle.
  • Psychological problems will be handled by psychotherapy.




अब-normal home will be a place where children will enjoy life and develop at the same. For children will be given various games, activities, individually or group wise. Activities in pairs and groups will also be held. Activities and games will be indoor or outdoor.   "अब-normal home" works on weekdays
10.00am to 4.00pm every day. This time comprises of relaxation time, evening food time, (food provided by us) suggested by nutritionist and activity, game time and some time to work individually also. All the children classified into 3 groups according to severity of psychological problem.

Other details:

  अब-normal home conducts activities based on needs of special children. Separate activities are taken in 3 groups. Evening snacks and activity material is provided by us. Monthly charges are according to severity of psychological problem of the child.

Launch of अब-normal Home

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