Anvay Psychological Health centre started working in the field of 'mental health' since 2001. It was the very deeper thought, from college days to work for human betterment. Psychology is the field where person gets insight of self and changes one's life to the extent.

Anvay psychological health centre has started with a purpose to make positive changes in human life. It was a definite belief that each and every person of society is able to solve life issues with the knowledge of psychology. Anvay started offering its services to the individuals as well as to the institutes and group of people. In the journey of twelve years, Anvay has satisfied its various clients, approached from different locations.

While offering the mental health services to individuals, it was came to know that basic awareness of importance of psychology in one's life is lacking in society. The second thing which was realised that there is a mentality that people prefer to solve their issues on their own or at family level rather going to the mental health professional. This very knowledge was the openings of our activities. We want to reach out to people in every sense for improving their quality of life. As a result the public lectures at schools, rotary clubs, society, Ngo's has conducted.

"Manavi Manachi Olakh", "the course on psychological disorders and therapies", "parent-teacher training program", "psychological forum", "soft skills training program", "college students group sessions" started to impart the knowledge of psychology to groups in order to solve self as well as family issues at their own.

While working with children and adolescents at individual therapy session, we felt that these children needs group therapy sessions along with their individual therapy sessions. The "sakarkaryashala" has begun with the purpose that children would benefit emotional, behavioural and social level at same time in the workshop.

In the psychology, it is said that Art is the best form of bringing inner complicated world to surface conscious level. "Drama therapy workshop" has the base of it.

Anvay has its view for administering Intelligence test,Aptitute tests and Personality test. At first place we make it a point that child should feel comfortable, at ease with the test administered individual. Before actual testing session, 2-3 rapport sessions are taken and only then test is administered. We feel that administering test, delivering the report is not the only responsibility but to explain it to concern people along with future direction is also part of test administration. Psychological test is to be made to measure the human potential and limitations correctly. It is a need to encourage the person to give his/her fullest to get a useful result. We feel that it's our job to motivate people while testing in order to get appropriate result.

It was the notion always in the mind that we definitely help and groom all kinds of special children very well. While handling them individually at play therapy session we felt that, much more has to be needed for them. At first place children felt happy at time of therapy session and secondly they responded very well at behavioural level. Along with play therapy sessions, remedial teaching sessions were also conducted to teach them basic concepts of academics with a very play way method. Children were able to score higher marks in their exams. This whole scenario and our inner wish to inculcate special children has transformed in social awareness project "अब-Normal Home".

Our aim behind all above mentioned activities is to help people to live a mentally healthy and prospers life. Everyone is welcome at Anvay... One can participate in activities, help us organise them, do the teaching here and one is welcome for self-improvement sessions. We are waiting, do come and become the part of Anvay.

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